Year 9 Geography



We are currently in the process of writing some new units for the Year 9 course - the new material will be added to the site when we have completed this process!

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New Pictures from 2011 are found on this page!


1.    Rocks, Weathering and Erosion


2.    River processes

NEW!  Click here to take the online Weathering, erosion and rivers quiz!


3.    Floods



                    New Scientist Satellite Image

                    Map and information about Bangladesh

                    Pictures from UNICEF from 2004 flood

                    BBC News article from 2004 flood



4. NEW Population and Migration unit (new for Jan 2007)

Click here for the NEW Year 9 Population page!

5. Coasts

6.   Pollution in the Sea


Year 9 Coastal Fieldwork

The Year 9 Coastal Fieldwork will take place in March 2006.  Students will be taken for a day where we walk from Ballintoy to White Park Bay and complete some activities along the way.   For a complete and detailed information about all aspects of this Fieldwork event and the write up which follows it - please look up the Year 9 Coastal Coursework Page


7.   Primary Activities