Year 9 Coastal Coursework

What does this page contain?

1.    Pictures of the area visited between Ballintoy and White Park Bay

Wednesday 5th March 2008

Thursday 6th March 2008

Thursday 8th March 2007! (These are pictures from last year!)

Friday 9th March 2007! (These are pictures from last year!)


Video from Yr 9 Fieldwork from last year


2.    Links to websites about the coast (see below)

3.    A link to the old Field booklet used on the Field trip (this is a little different to the one used!)

4.    A link to the Coursework booklet used to write up the Field trip (see below)

We hope that this information helps your fieldwork experience.


Useful Web links for this Coursework

Surfers against Sewage - Http://

North Antrim Web - Http://

Ballintoy village - Http://

Ballintoy to Whitepark Bay - Http://

Coastal Guide Europe - Http://

Cleaner Seas - Http://

Good Beach Guide - Http://

KIMO (Conference for North Sea) - Http://

No More Marine Litter - Http://

Types of Coastal Features - Http://

Cliff erosion at Beachy Head, East Sussex - Http://

Cliffs and Wave cut plaforms - Http://

Longshore Drift - Http://

Case Study - The Holderness Coast - Http://

Coastal defences on the south coast  - Http://



Important Booklets!

Click on this link to access the Year 9 Coastal Environment Fieldwork Booklet

 Click here  to find the Booklet that helps you to do the write up of the coursework



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