Main topics in Year 8 Geography

1.    What is Geography?

2.    Mapskills

3.    Weather and climate

What is Geography? 

Geography is the study of the world.  We study how we effect the world and how the world effects us!

Year 8 Geography Passport



In this unit you will learn how to read, use and understand maps.

Mapskills (PowerPoint) Everything you need to know about maps
How to use Map symbols?  (PowerPoint) Help learning map symbols
How to use 6 fig grid references? Help using 6 figures to locate places on maps
Ordnance Survey Mapzone (weblink) Web link to the Mapzone website for kids
Learn about maps (mapzone) The best place to start learning about how to use a map!
Map reading made easy booklet (OS) This booklet will help explain some of the more difficult questions about how to use a map.
Map symbols sheet What are the main map symbols used by the OS on maps
Mapskills worksheets These are some of the sheets you will be using in class
Grid References help sheet Help with 4 and 6 figure grid references
Maps of NI and Ballymena A web page that shows some of the maps of NI and Ballymena
Help with Grid references (pdf) A little bit of help from the scouts
Map symbols - make your own game (pdf) More help from the scouts!
Another good mapskills PowerPoint Some more help with this hard stuff!


What do you know about where you live?

Click on this map of NI (Adobe Acrobat required)

Geography of NI Powerpoint slides

Pictures of Ballymena


Weather and Climate

In this unit you will get the opportunity to look at some of the reasons why we get the weather that we do!

Today's weather forecast (what it's all about)  (PowerPoint)

What is the weather?  (PowerPoint)

Weather Presentation 2 (clouds and equipment)  (PowerPoint)

Be a Weather Forecaster (worksheet)

8HL (2007) Pictures of your Weather equipment models! (Well done to you all!)

The Year 8 Weather Coursework booklet

Weather diary - home sheet (for students)

NEW!  Weather Forecast Homework slides! 

Hurricanes - a selection of pictures (PowerPoint)

Hurricane Ivan  - a series of activities  (PowerPoint)

Video of movement pattern of a hurricane (WMV file)

Hurricanes - video to explain how they work (BIG WMV file!)