Think . . . Geography!

Year 9 Geography


Year 9 Population unit

1. How many people live in Ballymena?

What is the census?

Northern ireland Census access

Click here to access some basic local census facts about Ballymena and the school area

2. Why are people spread across the world?

What parts of the world are Densey Populated and what parts are Sparsely populated? (PowerPoint presentation)

Blank world map

Why are people spread across the world? (extension activity)

British isles map (for extension activity)

Where do British people live? (Answers for the worksheets)

3. How does the population change?

Different place - different pace! The differences between Mexico and Spain.

Pictures of Shanty Towns/ Slums - big question - how do you think living like this will effect Birth Rates and Death Rates?

Slums and Shanty Towns (PowerPoint)


Coming soon . . . . .

4. Why can too many people be a bad thing?

5. What is migration?

6. Case Study 1:  Why do people migrate into NI? 

7.  Case Study 2:  Why do Mexicans migrate into the USA?  And  . .  will this always be the case?



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