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Congratulations on choosing to study GCSE Geography at Slemish College.  This year we have students in Year 11 and Year 12 who will be completing exams and coursework as part of their GCSE studies.   Year 11 students will study units on Physical Geography and Year 12 students kick off the year with their piece of controlled assessment followed by the units on Human Geography. 

Year 11 Students

Unit 1:  Understanding Our Natural World

A course in Physical Geography worth 37.5% and examined at the end of Year 11

Unit 1:  Understanding Our Natural World

Theme A:  The Dynamic Landscape

Theme B:  Our Changing Weather and Climate

Theme C: The Restless Earth

Year 12 Students

Controlled Assessment (Fieldwork and Coursework)

A piece of individual work that is completed in class and is worth 25% and should be completed before the Christmas break. 

Unit 2:  Living in Our World

A course in Human Geography worth 37.5% and examined at the end of Year 12

Controlled Assessment help and information

GIS Practice with the Ordnance Survey

Unit 2: Living in Our World

Theme A:  People and Where they live

Theme B:  Contrasts in World Development

Theme C:  Managing Our Resources

Don’t forget to try out our new GCSE Geography revision podcasts that you can download here or by using itunes and searching for ‘Think Geography’. 


GCSE Geography

Welcome to GCSE Geography.  This web site is a course companion to what you look at in class and it will be especially useful to you as you revise for tests and exams throughout the course. 

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