GCSE Controlled Assessment


CCEA Controlled Assessment  2011 - 2012

Controlled Assessment is a really good opportunity for students to work hard to get great marks that will pull up your examination marks.  Unfortunately, due to the new methods of control within the coursework experience we are going to be unable to publish all of our help and guidance materials, though these things will hopefully get you started!

Help documents from CCEA

Teacher guidance for Controlled Assessment   (CCEA)

Students guidance for Controlled Assessment 1   (CCEA)

Student guidance for Controlled Assessment 2   (CCEA)

Introductory booklets

1:  Of course a river is different (T Manson) 

2:  2R GCSE Coursework Planning 2011.doc (T Manson)

3:  Old Data Collection information  (T Manson, 2006)

4:  Think GCSE Geography Rivers Coursework (T Manson, 2011)    (This document requires a password that your teacher will give you)

Introduction and Methodology

3:  How to write Introduction section (PDF) (M Bennett & T Manson)

Background materials about Glenarm and rivers

Map/ Information about the Glenarm forest (PDF)

The Forest Service (2002) Forest Walks in Co Antrim: Glenarm, DARD,  Castlewellan

Map of the Glenarm river (JPG)

Taken from The Glenarm Castle estate web site (2000) 

Rivers (PDF)

Frew, J (1999) Geography Fieldwork Projects,  Thomas Nelson, Surrey

All Pictures from 2011 - 2012 Fieldtrip can be accessed here

alternatively the pictures will be available longer this picasa site

Mrs Johnston’s pictures can be viewed here

Extra map info for Introduction/ Methodology

checkout www.mapquest.co.uk

checkout www.multimap.com

checkout  http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/getamap/

checkout http://www.walkni.com/ulsterway/d/maps/19/Glenarm%20to%20Ballynure%20-%20All%20Maps.pdf

checkout  http://www.maplandia.com/united-kingdom/northern-ireland/northern-ireland/antrim/glenarm/

checkout  http://www.planningni.gov.uk/index/policy/supplementary_guidance/conservation/conservation_map/conservation_glenarm.htm

Ward map of the Glenarm area

Data Presentation section

Powerpoint presentation to help with Data Presentation

4R Data Presentation 2011 .doc

How to complete a trendline/ best fit line on a scattergraph

Please make sure that you make reference to any document/ information source that you use in your piece of work.  All references are included above and all work by T Manson and M Bennett is copyright (c) 2011