Theme 2C:  Managing Our Resources 


Part 1: The Impact of Our Increasing Use of Resources on the Environment

  1. 1. The human impact on the environment  (carbon footprint)

  1. 2.Measures to manage trafiic in a sustainable manner (with case study from the EU)

Part 2:  Increasing demand for resources in LEDCs and MEDCs

  1. 1. How does population growth and economic development in LEDCS put pressure on resources, people and the environment  (using one LEDC case study)

  1. 2.Benefits and problems of one renewable energy resource as a sustainable solution using one MEDC case study

Part 3:  Managing Waste to Protect Our Environment

  1. 1. Why has waste become a major issue in the UK

  (Shortage of Landfill sites;  Environmental and health concerns;  Need to meet government targets)

  1. 2. Waste hierarchy and ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’

  1. 3.Range of sustainable waste management approaches with one case study of a local government area

Part 4:  Sustainable Tourism to Preserve the Environment

  1. 1. Why has tourism grown globally since the 1960s?

( Increased leisure time,  Increased disposable income,  cheaper travel,  Increased health and wealth of pensioners)

  1. 2.Evaluate the positive and negative impacts of tourism

(Cultural, Economic and Environmental)

  1. 3.Assess the impact of one sustainable tourism poject on the local commuity and the environment using one case study from either an LEDC or an MEDC


Theme 2C:  Managing Our Resources

In this unit we start to take a look at some of the key issues that surround how we use and manage our natural resources - how does our use of energy impact the environment and how does Tourism have an impact?