Theme 2B:     Contrasts in World Development


Part 1:  The Development Gap

  1. 1. Differences in development between MEDCs and LEDCS using social and economic indicators

Measures of development PowerPoint

Intro to Development PowerPoint (from Tony Cassidy)

  1. 2.Assess the effectiveness of social and economic indicators plus Human Development Index


  1. 3.Understand factors that hinder development (Historical factors, Environmental factors,  Dependence on primary activities, Debt and Politics)

  1. 4.One Named Strategy that is attempting to reduce the global development gap

Jubilee Debt Campaign

Part 2:  Factors contributing to unequal development

  1. 1. Understand how Globalisation helps or hinders development (with reference to one LEDC/NIC)

Information sheet

  1. 2.Understand how the pattern of world trade can create problems for LEDCs

World Trade Info sheet

Part 3:  Sustainable Solutions to deal with the problems of unequal development

  1. 1. A sustainable project that uses Appropriate Technology (with reference to economic, environmental and social improvements)   One Case study from an LEDC

Appropriate Technology PowerPoint

Appropriate Technology fact sheet

Appropriate Technology PowerPoint (from Tony Cassidy)

  1. 2.Understand Fair Trade and the advantages it brings to LEDCs

Fair Trade PowerPoint

  1. 3.Understand AID and evaluate its benefits and problems  

Introduction to Aid (from Tony Cassidy)

Aid info sheet

Aid PowerPoint


Theme 2B:  Contrasts in World Development

In this unit we start to get to grips with some of the issues surrounding the development gap that exists between the MEDC nations and the LEDC nations.  We also get the opportunity to see how some countries (NICs) are starting to industrialise.  How is this sustainable?