Theme 2A:     People and Where They Live


Part 1:  Population Growth, Change and Structure

  1. 1. World Poplation Growth and its causes since 1700

An introduction to Population (PowerPoint)

Cartoons relating to Population issues (PowerPoint)

Explanation sheet for population growth

Factors that affect BR and DR

DTM sheet explanation

DTM sheet information

Living graph activity

Population growth (PowerPoint)

Population explosion (PowerPoint)

DTM PowerPoint 1

DTM PowerPoint 2

The Population Problem (PowerPoint)

  1. 2.Using GIS to investigate the scale and origin of in-migration to a region within and MEDC (eg Northern Ireland)

GIS PowerPoint Pres

GIS Activity

Information sheet about Rasters (from OSNI)

Information sheet about Vectors (from OSNI)

  1. 3.Impacts of International Migration (migration from Turkey to Germany)

Work sheet for B3 and B4

Migration questions

Germany to Turkey GCSE Information

Migration (PowerPoint)

Migration from Turkey to Germany

  1. 4.Compare and Contrast the population strucuture of an MEDC and LEDC

  2. - Population pyramid for MEDC showing an aged dependent population 

  3. -Population pyramid for LEDC showing a youth depenent poulation

Population pyramids (PowerPoint)

Population stats (PowerPoint)

Compare Population Pyramids worksheet

Compare Population Pyramids booklet (TM)

  1. 5.Social and Economic implications of aged and youth dependency

Population Dependency issues worksheet

Some Practice Past Paper Population Questions

Part 2:  Settlement Site, Function and Hierarchy

  1. 1. Site and location of a settlement

Site and Hierarchy PowerPoint Presentation

Settlement information booklet (part 1)

  1. 2. Settlement hierarchy

  2. - Population size

  3. - Function, high and low order

  4. - Range

  5. - Threshold

Settlement hierarchy information booklet (part 2)

  1. 3. Characteristics and location of land use zones in MEDC cities

  2. - CBD

  3. - Inner City

  4. - Suburban residential

  5. - Industrial zones

  6. - The rural-urban fringe

Settlement - Land use zones information booklet (part 3)

  1. 4. Interpret aerial photos and maps to identify

  2. -site characteristics

  3. - general function

  4. - position in hierarchy

  5. - land use zones for a range of settlements

Part 3:  Urbanisation in LEDCs and MEDCs

  1. 1. Causes of urbanisation

  2. -push and pull factors

  3. - natural increase

Urban Land Use PowerPoint presentation (TM)

Urbanisation booklet  (TM)

  1. 2.The growth, location and characteristics of shanty town areas (Sao Paulo - an LEDC city)

Sao Paulo PowerPoint

Sao Paulo Information sheet

Sao Paulo and Belfast PowerPoint Pictures

  1. 3.One Urban Planning scheme (Belfast - Titanic Quarter) that aims to regenerate and improve the inner city zone in terms of:

  2. -housing

  3. -employment opportunities

  4. -the environment

Belfast Urban Regeneration PowerPoint

Article about Belfast from the Independent

  1. 4.Assess the extent to which this urban planning scheme is sustainable


Theme 2A:  People and Where they Live

This is quite a big unit that deals with the big issues abiut where people live and why they might move from one place to another.   We look at the consequences of population chanage and how  they affect both LEDCs and MEDCs.