Theme 1A:     The Dynamic Landscape


Welcome to Year 11 Geography at Slemish College.  Can you believe that you actually have an exam this year?  Scary!  Use these pages to help you and make sure that you have not missed anything.

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Part 1:  The Drainage Basin:  A component of the Water Cycle

Check out this link of the water cycle

Look up information about rivers on GCSE Bitesize

What are the main definitions about drainage basins and the water cycle?

   You can use this site above to edit our list of words about rivers

Rivers and maps - how can you identify some key features on maps?   

   For further help and a reminder of how to do mapskills go here

Part 2:  River Processes and Features

Understand how gradient, depth, width, discharge and load change along the long profile of a river  (check out this powerpoint)

What is the long profile and what does the river look like at each of the different courses?

How do rivers shape the land? 

River Process:  Erosion (4 types)

River Process:  Transportation (4 types) 

River Process:  Deposition

River Features

There are 3 groups of River features that you need to be aware of for the exams

1:  Waterfalls and Gorges     

2:  Meanders and Ox Bow lakes  

3:  Flood Plains and Levees

Use the following PowerPoint presentation to help you understand some of the key aspects of the main river features

the River Features homework guidance sheet

Part 3:  Coastal Processes and Features

  1. 1.Understand constructive and destructive waves   Waves powerpoint

  2. 2.Know the processes of Erosion (see 4 types for rivers)

  3. 3.Know the processes of Transportation - Longshore Drift    Movie

  4. 4. Explain how erosional landforms occur  (cliff, wave cut platform, cave, arch and stack)

       Erosional Landforms powerpoint

       Sea erosion movie

        Coastal erosion over time

        How do waves shape the coast

  1. 5. Explain how depositional landforms occur (beach and spit)

        The Holderness Coast

        Spurn Head Powerpoint

Part 4:  Sustainable Management of Rivers

  1. 1. Undertand the causes of flooding (physical and human) in the context of one case study in the British Isles (Boscastle) 

    Causes of Flooding (PowerPoint)

  1. 2.Recognise the impact of flooding on


    The Environment

     Account of the Boscastle Flood

     Boscastle Flood Pictures (PowerPoint)

     Boscastle Flood video 1

  1. 3.Show knowledge of river management strategies (Hard and Soft Engineering)

     River Management Strategies (PowerPoint)

     Flood Management Strategies sheet

     What actually happened at Boscastle?  (Flood Managements PowerPoint)

    Living with the risk report on the flood

     Boscastle return video from Noel Jenkins

  1. 4.One case study outside the UK with a focus on river management

      Three Gorges Dam video

      Three Gorges Dam Intro pictures (PowerPoint)

      Three Gorges Dam facts and info (PowerPoint) 

Part 5:  Sustainable Management of Coasts

  1. 1. How can human conflict shape the coast?

  2. 2.Coastal Management strategies

     PowerPoint Presentation of main strategies

     Movie of the main strategies

     Movie of some examples in England

     How could this develop (a spoof of the future for Dublin!)

  1. 3.Practice exam questions

  2. 4.Case Study:  Coastal Management in Newcastle, Co Down


Theme A:  The Dynamic Landscape

This section looks at the impact that rivers and coastal erosion have on the shaping of the land.  The landscape is dynamic  - it is always changing, sometimes it is being taken away and other times it is being added to  . . .