A Level Geography at Slemish College

Unit A:    The Impact of Population Change

Part 1:   Natural Population Change

This is a scheme of work produced by CCEA in relation to this unit and ties in nicely with the specification.


  1. Section 1 - Topic 1 - Fertility work booklet
  2. More information about Nepal (pdf)
  3. Information about taking notes from Offprint1A (Fertility chapter)
  4. Factors that Influence Fertility (PowerPoint pres)
  5. Population Handbook (PRB) *Sections of this are very useful when looking at indivdual factors for fertility and mortality
  6. Fertility Issues in Practice (practice essays in the topic of fertility)
  7. Essay Plan for the fertility essay
  8. Modified question from the 2007 summer exam paper


  1. Section 1 - Topic 2 - Mortality
  2. WMV video of the ageing problem
  3. Essay Plan for the mortality essay
  4. Mortality revision question
  5. Video of when HIV becomes AIDS

Population Sustainability (Malthus and Boserup)

  1. Papal Encylical June 2009
  2. Theories and issues of population sustainability
  3. Further information about population sustainability
  4. The best way to achieve population sustainability (article)
  5. Essay title: Compare and contrast the theories of Boserup and Malthus
  6. Information page about Ester Boserup
  7. Thomas Malthus - An Essay on the Principle of Population 1798
  8. Ester Boserup - The conditions of agricultural growth

The Demographic Transition Model and Epidemiological transition

  1. Info about the DTM from a US point of view
  2. Demographic Transition Model - from Year 13 (PowerPoint pres)
  3. DTM and population pyramids - from Year 13 (PowerPoint pres)
  4. The Demographic Transition article
  5. Essay plan - Make a critical evaluation of the DTM
  6. DTM from Geography.about.com
  7. Information about the Epidemological transition